Bifold Door Blinds From Deans of London

Manual or Motorised?

Manual or motorised? The vast majority are electric & motorised blinds but we can do manual versions if required, the manual blinds are chain or cord operated, all manual blinds are installed with child safety devices.

Electric & Motorised Blinds


Mains powered blinds tend to be the most popular as they can be made in much larger sizes, also the motors are silent running only giving you a whisper as they roll up and down, the operation is via remote control handset. This handset can be programmed to operate all of the blinds individually or all together as a group.

Battery powered blinds are fantastic where you do not have any wiring in place or all of the decorating has been finished, they do have size limits on the amount of fabric that can be lifted but we will advise on this. Again they work from the same remote control handsets so programming is the same as the mains powered blinds.

All of the motors we use are Somfy. All Somfy motors come with a 5 Year Guarantee and really are the best on the market today, the motors are RTS meaning that the remote control signal will travel through walls if required this is especially useful to anyone wanting to recess their blinds into the ceiling or hide them behind a pelmet as you do not need line of sight to operate the blind, you can press the button anywhere in the room and be sure it will work. Click HERE to see the Somfy Channel.

If you have bi fold doors like the ones below and need to find an electric or motorised blinds solution to control the heat and glare then CONTACT US today, Deans have over 100 years of experience in shading large glass areas so you can be sure we will offer you the very best advice available.

Take a look at our before and after photos of this recent project with bi-fold door blinds.